Located Right Off 495 In Nathaniel Plaza out of Milford Mass. We Carry All Your Gardening Needs! 

Seed Starting - Domes, Heat Mats 

Lights - HPS / MH / LED Timers , Power Controllers

Large Selection Of Organic Meals And Soil Additives

Many Brands Of Hydroponic Nutrients 

Ventilation - Inline Fans , Fans, Duct, Co2 Tank Refills

Hydroponics - Air Pumps , Water Pumps, Flood Tables , DWC, Drip Systems, Chillers. 

Soil & Media - We Do Pallet Pricing! 

& Much Much More In The Store ! 

We Now Offer Delivery ! Call and ask us about it today ! 

Be sure to click on the Shopping tab to be directed to the online store. 

Matt"s Hydroponics